The Bo Diddlers

Big Dance at Horniman Museum - 8Jul12The Bo Diddlers are a comedy Morris dance group formed in 2008 for the Brighton Fringe festival. featuring live musicians and some of the top dancers from the contemporary dance world, they present an unusual take on Morris Dance.

They have appeared to great acclaim at events including Laban’s ‘The Big Dance’  at the Horniman Museum and at the press night for Jez Butterworth’s play ‘Jerusalem’ at the Royal Court Theatre. To find out more visit by clicking here

“I am a native of Sidmouth in Devon, home to one of the countries biggest annual folk festivals. As a boy, I remember Morris dancers alongside the local pantomime as being my first experiences of seeing people dancing and performing. Of course, at that age, among the locals of Sidmouth it wasn’t considered cool to take an interest in either Morris dance or any of the other folk activities associated with the festival.

Later on however I attended the Royal Ballet School where Morris dance was taught as part of the curriculum. It was taught and learnt with great enthusiasm and this stayed with me. One day I decided to combine this interest in Morris with my passion for silent and physical comedy and formed The Bo Diddlers. I am lucky to have some amazing dancers in the group – we have all worked for Matthew Bourne’s company New Adventures at various points in our careers and love performing together. Traditional dances are learnt and then worked into and re-devised by the group. Along with other stuff I can describe in this little bit, just come along and see for yourself!”

Ewan Wardrop