Bishop’s Stortford, In the air, underwater…

Bishop’s Stortford is in Hertfordshire, just one of the many fascinating facts about this town.

A small but lovely audience for the show who stood at the end which was very nice. Chatted to a local jazz musician after the show who told me about Flt. Lt. Dickie Lee who was posted at nearby RAF Debden before and during the war. He was a bit of a local hero and celebrity and the musicians (I must start remembering people’s names) dad who worked next door to the airfield remembered there being a cardboard cut out of him at work.

He performed a stunt in which he flew a biplane through an aircraft hangar at Debden in the 1938 George Formby film ‘It’s In The Air’ In the story this was supposed to be George, out of control, flying the plane.

He was a pretty fearless pilot who won the DSO and DFC for his service. He disappeared on the 18th of August 1940 chasing German planes out to sea with almost no fuel left. His friend who watched him go said in his memoir “‘Come back, Dickie,’ I called but he was drawing away. Again and again I called, but he kept on. It was useless to chase Huns out to sea; they would be back again the next day. Something had got into Dickie and there was no stopping him. We were both low on fuel and I was out of ammunition. There was only one thing to do: turn back.”

dickie lee

Flt. Lt. Dickie Lee


Girls with lipstick often kiss walls backstage at theatres and these were on the wall at the Rhodes Arts Centre in Bishop’s Stortford like some weird effin’ jellyfish underwater scene;




And so to Ireland next (I’m actually already here but am pretending I’m not for the purposes of the blog) with Formby director Ed Hughes driving like lunatic in order to make the ferry.

DSC_0226 DSC_0227

Funny to think the armchair from my living room is traveling across the Irish sea in the depths of this big icy bugger.

Excellent boy, lovely work.

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